Monday, November 01, 2010

NaBloPoMo: Day 1

No, I haven't gone insane! I have signed up for National Blog Posting Month where I will attempt to post every day in November!!  My husband said it shouldn't be a problem as I love to talk. Hmmmm, I think that was a double edged compliment there!


We went to see Ian Grant last night at the Founders. He is a guru of relationships and parenting and had a seminar on 40 Hot Tips for Parents.  It was a great evening and he is a fabulous speaker. His key points throughout the evening were "Rules, Routines and Ridiculousness", which is what will define a functional family from a dysfunctional family. Throughout the evening he peppered his presentation with anecdotes and real life stories that helped to make it more real. It did make Tony and I realise we are on the right track with the kids and we aren't the meanest parents in the world (according to my teenager!). So Kiwis, if you get the chance, go see Ian. Well worth it and I think it cost something ridiculous like $14!!

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