Saturday, September 06, 2014

ALYOF - September goal

5 more sleeps til I go to NYC!!  

So my goal this month is to finish my Washi dress.  I have the weather app on my phone and have been checking it daily! I wasn't sure if the temperature would be still ok for lightweight skirts and dresses, but holy moly, the temps are still in the high 20s (celcius) or the 80's (Fahrenheit).  It's around 16 degrees C (60 degrees F) here so it's kind of hard to know what to pack. We are also going on to Maui for a week, so definitely summer wear there!

In light of this, I have decided to forge ahead with my Washi dress.  I chose Tangram by Rashida Coleman (Cotton and Steel) in the navy. Darker is always good for me...drops kilos off me instantly!!!

I spent last weekend taping all the pattern pieces together at Rachel's house last weekend and wasn't sure if I would actually do anything more with it until I came back.  

Anyway, I am about to get stuck into it this afternoon...fingers crossed it's finished before Thursday!

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