Monday, October 24, 2011

Four years ago today....

Tony and I got married in Rarotonga....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back from California...

Oh well we returned to reality yesterday.  Had a fabulous time, but it's always good to be home in your own bed.  It's a little cooler here...we had temps in the 30s (C) every day, so a bit of a shock to come back to 14 degrees C.  The first couple of days we just cruised and shopped and looked around. We were staying at the Hyatt in Anaheim so there were lots of things within walking distance.  It seems a lot cheaper there in the supermarkets, but meals out aren't once you add in 20% for the tip.  Took a while to get used to tipping, but we eventually got the hang of it. I never knew who to tip and who not to tip, so we just winged it. Didn't get any rotten fruit thrown at us, so we must have done it ok. 

Janet and Clara (2 fabulous women I had met online through a quilting board) picked me up on Sunday and we went to M & L Fabrics in Anaheim. What an amazing store and so cheap. I picked up a few bargains ;) Actually after my shopping spree here, I needed to buy another suitcase to get the fabric home!

Clara ready and raring to go with her trolley
Janet hunting for bargains!
The 3 of us after the shopping trip
The next 3 days were taken up with Disneyland and California Adventure Park.  Fastpass is fantastic...certainly saved queuing for hours.  So many fabulous rides and things to see, but exhausting. 

Just before the fun started!! 
Pluto was gorgeous and really acted his part well 
World of Color Show...amazing!! All done with lights and water 
Just inside the entrance
On Thursday, we headed up to LA. Certainly had a different feeling to Anaheim. Our hotel was right behind the Kodak Theater so perfect for just strolling down to Hollywood Boulevard. Everyone there was just trying to make a buck.  Michale Jackson's star on the Walk of Fame was certainly the most popular by far.  We went to Universal Studios on Friday. I preferred this to Disneyland and will never view movies in the same way again!! 

Hannah's new boyfriend
Just resting up under the famous sign!
Chilling with the Simpsons!
From the set of Desperate Housewives. They were filming while we were there.

On Saturday and Sunday we shopped.  Just happened to stumble into a little shoe shop...

A few purchases...Thought we were quite restrained.

So goodbye LA...

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Blissful times

I have had my Bliss quilt all basted and ready to quilt for the past couple of weeks but have just not had the time to do it.  I really want to FMQ it, but am a little worried I will make a complete disaster of it.  This is one of my favourite fabric ranges, so am not willing to settle for second best with it!!

On another note, in 3 days time we are heading to Disneyland, CA for 10 days!!! Well Disneyland for 4 days and LA for 4 days, but with the time difference we are away 10 days. I am taking the kids and they are SO excited.  I have never been and they are old enough to appreciate it now so I can't wait. Already mapped out a couple of quilt shops around Anaheim that I will visit, much to the kids disgust (aaawww mum, can't you go anywhere without looking at quilt shops!!!).  I am not going all that way without adding a few purchases to my suitcase!! Fabric is so expensive here compared to the USA, so I have already warned my hubby we need to take an extra bag!!

I also have a new job which has been keeping me busy...still nursing but am now the charge nurse of the High Dependency Unit.  Still nice regular hours...Mon- Fri but I do have to make the move back to shiftwork within the next couple of years :( And I thought I had done my last ever night shift...

Ok see you when I get back in a couple of weeks....


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