Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Blissful times

I have had my Bliss quilt all basted and ready to quilt for the past couple of weeks but have just not had the time to do it.  I really want to FMQ it, but am a little worried I will make a complete disaster of it.  This is one of my favourite fabric ranges, so am not willing to settle for second best with it!!

On another note, in 3 days time we are heading to Disneyland, CA for 10 days!!! Well Disneyland for 4 days and LA for 4 days, but with the time difference we are away 10 days. I am taking the kids and they are SO excited.  I have never been and they are old enough to appreciate it now so I can't wait. Already mapped out a couple of quilt shops around Anaheim that I will visit, much to the kids disgust (aaawww mum, can't you go anywhere without looking at quilt shops!!!).  I am not going all that way without adding a few purchases to my suitcase!! Fabric is so expensive here compared to the USA, so I have already warned my hubby we need to take an extra bag!!

I also have a new job which has been keeping me busy...still nursing but am now the charge nurse of the High Dependency Unit.  Still nice regular hours...Mon- Fri but I do have to make the move back to shiftwork within the next couple of years :( And I thought I had done my last ever night shift...

Ok see you when I get back in a couple of weeks....


  1. It is so nice to see you post again - know you are busy. delighful quilt. The hardest part of FMQ is getting started. Once it starts, you will be on your way. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. Such a pretty quilt Deb,I love the colours in this range :) Wahoo, have fun in the US with the family -look forward to seeing your holiday pics, and new stash pics too lol. Have a great time!

  3. Deb it's beautiful! Have a great time at Disneyland, what fun :-)

  4. Your Bliss quilt is beautiful! I just love that line as well but I also like the look of their next collection 'Ruby'.


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