Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Endings and beginnings

From this on 28 October 2011.....
To this on 10 January 2012

Sarah has finally been given the all clear to start walking so this is her first day without crutches! Yay!!!
What a great start to 2012....

I am now back at work...what a shock to the system that is after 2 and a half months off looking after Sarah!  I am enjoying being back at work, but have noticed I don't have near enough computer or quilting time now! I have joined several bees this year as a way to try different types of quilting and to challenge myself.  Doing small blocks will be more achievable than trying to do a whole quilt too. This year will be busy, as along with working fulltime, I am also doing the last postgraduate paper in my Masters degree in Nursing.

I signed up to do an angel bee block for Jamie on one of the Flickr bee groups. Her request was bright colours with a black background.  Hope she likes it!

And I have booked our next holiday...having listened to all the suggestions from my giveaway, we have decided to go to Hawaii.  So all booked and will head off there for a couple of weeks in June. We thought after the stress of the last 3 months we want somewhere relaxing and warm, somewhere where Tony and I can just enjoy one another's company and spend some time together and somewhere that won't cost a fortune!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

I love summer

I am definitely a sun lover. I hate the cold and look forward to the spring blossoms and lambs as I know then it won't be long til summer is here. We have a permanent caravan site at Mount Maunganui and spend a lot of our summers here.  I wondered whether we should come over this summer given that Sarah wasn't that mobile but she insisted on wanting to come over.  So we all came over on Boxing Day for 2 weeks. Tony went back to work on Tuesday and I go back next week which will be a shock to the system after 2 months off work caring for Sarah. I just love being close to the sea and the beach...there's something about walking along the beach with the waves crashing around you and a gentle breeze blowing.

It certainly is a little more challenging but Sarah is pretty mobile on her crutches now over short distances. She was determined to go to the beach and swim today so off Hannah, Sarah and I trotted with the beach towels, sunscreen and a good book for me.  She is such an independent wee girl and so crutches all the way to the water's edge then her big sister helped her into the water.
Nick came down later and just chilled for a while with us.
I haven't done any quilting at all for over 2 weeks. I have joined a couple of quilt bees though...looking forward to getting started on them.  This time at the beach is all about family and relaxing and looking forward tithe year ahead.


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