Wednesday, July 04, 2007

School hols

Well school hols have started and I have a houseful of kids. Looking after my sister's 3 kids and Tony's kids have asked if they can come too so I feel like Supernanny!! We all went and saw Bridge to Terabithia yesterday at the movies...enjoyed that but what a sad ending! Poor little Sarah just sobbed and sobbed. The boys all tried to be staunch, of course, but I am sure I saw a tear in their eyes too. It is so not cool to cry in front of your mates and your sisters!!

Well we are now booked into Lagoon Lodges in their 3 bedroom villa with private pool. Tickets are all paid for and the kids are just so excited. Off to get passport photos for the kids today as they don't have passports.

Had a wonderful visit from Lisa and Rhiannon on Sunday. they were up here for a gymnastics competition. My gosh, Rhiannon is amzing with her contortions. She has inspired Hannah and Sarah to join gymnastics now. You have to watch where you go in the house now as well, as you are likely to get hit with a cartwheel or handstand or some sort of arm waving or prancing around!

Right, I am off to bake for 8 hungry children...


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