Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I am very good at delaying the inevitable. I have an assignment to write for one of my post-grad papers and it is due in tomorrow. I don't think my house has ever been cleaner. Went shopping yesterday. Made pumpkin soup. Caught up on some blogs. Now updating my own blog. I don't usually procrastinate so much but this is a research paper and it really is tedious. Unfortunately it is one of the core papers for my Master's.

Took the bull by the horns and went back to points counting to lose a few kilos. Don't want to get as skinny as I did 3 years ago (that was too skinny and I looked gaunt) but would like to move about 10 kilos. It just kind of creeps on. Tony is a big choccie and licorice eater and we got into a bad habit of sitting down with a coffee and a block of choccie and a bag of licorice for supper every night. I'm not talking little block....I am talking king size!! Anyway a friend popped by the other day and has been going to Weight Watchers. She looked fabulous. She inspired me to get off my chuff, stop buying choccie and get back into sensible eating. Not that my eating was ever unhealthy...i just like to eat lol. So I have been very good this last week. Weigh in is tomorrow, so will do that then go meet a friend for coffee and a big hunk of mud cake afterwards!! LOL

In the ICU where I work, there is an acting charge nurse position for a year to cover annual leave, time off etc. I applied and got it for the coming year. Looking forward to it. Love working on the floor and the good thing about being a charge nurse in ICU is that you still get to work on the floor. In many other areas, the charge nurse spends more time doing admin work and is removed from clinical work.

No photos as my memory stick is full. Need to buy another one.


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