Thursday, February 07, 2013

Bee blocks

I have managed to finish up my bee blocks for the Winter round of the 4 x 5 bee.  I always love the new round of a bee as half the fun is deciding on a design and then pulling fabrics.  It's always hard to know what the recipient is envisaging for their quilt and I always spend ages deciding on just the "right" fabrics! This time I chose the Snow Blossoms block at Quilter's Cache.  I really love the accurateness of paper piecing and how pointy the points are when they are paper pieced. I am such a scrooge though, that I struggle with the wastage of fabric when paper piecing.  I never keep tiny scraps so I end up throwing all those itty bits and not so itty bits away in the trash!  Does anyone keep those little scraps and if so, what do you do with them?

I really enjoyed the colour schemes of this round.  Some quite different ones to what usually appear.  I do have a fav out of all those...I always tend to end up with one I like more than the others, but that will have to remain a secret!


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