Wednesday, November 03, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 3: The Oooooh-Aaahhhh egg

We have a few hens in our back yard.  The brown shavers we have had for ages and we inherited 3 little bantams a wee while ago.   One of my daughter's school friends had some bantams that kept flying out of their coop at dusk. Unfortunately, they were flying into the pigpen and getting all comfy and settled there and roosting for the night.  What they didn't realise is that they had just become a little midnight snack for the pigs!! So to save the rest of the hens from undergoing a similar fate, they gave them to us.

Anyway, I collected the eggs tonight from the girls and oh my.....there was a couple of cute little bantam eggs, 3 normal sized eggs and an oooooh-aaahhhh egg.   What is an oooooh-aaahhhh egg, I hear you ask? Well, as my dad used to say, it's an egg that is so big that when the hen lays it she screws up her face and she goes Ooooooooohhhhh- Aaaaahhhhh cos it must hurt so much coming out.  I am just hoping that it wasn't one of the little bantams that laid this! Yikes!!!

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  1. Hells bells that would bring a teat to the eye wouldn't it. I wouldn't mind betting it's a double yolker though - let me know : ))


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