Sunday, November 07, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 7: Calico Christmas

I am home again, albeit several hundred dollars poorer!! Calico Christmas was amazing. It is the first time I have been. so was not quite sure what to expect.  It was an absolute feast for the eyes and even if you were not a quilter, you would have to admire the creativity and inspiration behind the quilts.  I have loads of photos, but won't put them all in this post as there are about 200!!

I had several favourites and these appealed to me for their use of colour and their design. There were others that were gorgeous. and I could admire them for the work that had gone into them, such as the Baltimore quilts, but they are not "me".  Some of my favs....

This was designed by Wendy Oswin at Quilter's Dream.  It was called Ric Rac Jazz and she also had the pattern for it in her store in turquoises, hot pinks , purples and limes. I just had to have this! It was gorgeous.

A close up of the ric rac around the petals.

This was made by Joanna Baynes using Kaffe Fassett fabrics from his book Quilts in the Sun. 

This was made by Gea van Holst. I loved the colours in this and how she had pieced all her hexagons. The points all matched so perfectly as you can see below.

A mystery quilt by Natalie Murdoch and made by Jean Ramsay.

Justine Jones made this quilt for her daughter who stated quite firmly she didn't want anything traditional. I got talking to both Justine and her daughter and the inspiration came from a postcard and the daughter picked all the colours  to go with their bedroom. It was quite stunning up close.

Carol Mahoney made this circle quilt.  There were a few circle quilts there and the more I see these, the more I want to make one.

"Judith Bremner made this called "My Bedouin dress no longer fits" The fabric had been bought from the Spice Market in Istanbul and the dress from the Old City in Jerusalem.

Glenys Quinn made "Sawtooth Cats". It took me a while to figure out where the cats were!! Duh!

Sybil Lightbourne took a class with Hazel Foot and this was her first amazing effort in machine embroidery and free motion quilting. It is called Pacific Themes. A close up of the middle panel is on the right.

This is a design from Kaffe Fassett and won Best Use of Colour. It was made by Alison Haines and quilted by Susan Trendall.

I can detect a wee purple and turquoise theme going on in the quilts that I like. Will post more piccies tomorrow.


  1. Oh dear, the green eyed monster is here, not a pretty look I know, but one day I'll get there.

  2. I too missed floor 2!
    I am interested to see which quilts you liked. The bottom 3 here I have also photo graphed. Together we should show a wide range od the quilts and wall hangings on display!
    5 hour there was NOT enough!

  3. No it was photo 7 and 8 and the bottom one.


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