Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 30: Yay!!!!

Yay, I did it...30 days with a new post every day for National Blog Posting Month.  And very appropriate to finish today as I finished the binding on my Kiwiana quilt last night. I love how this turned out, and as it's my first finish since I have gotten back into quilting, it's even more of an achievement.

I am off to Melbourne in 3 days for a long weekend. I am counting down the hours.  Can you believe this is my first girl's weekend ever. And we are hardly "girls" as all of us are well past girl years!!  Still, it will be fun to get to spend a few days with some good friends, shopping, eating and drinking.

I popped by Elizabeth Hartman's shop last night. Even though I have ordered her book, I do like her design style so ordered 3 more patterns as she had 25% off...New Wave, Rec Centre Picnic Quilt and the Simple Baby Quilts. Will use this last one to make a quilt for my friend who is expecting a baby that I mentioned a few posts ago.


  1. hey your quilt is lovely............and great to have it as a finish to your daily blogging........

  2. I love how the blue in this quilt just zings!!
    have a neat Gals weekend.

  3. I see a few posts down you have zucchini...would you like a recipe for zucchini pickle?It is really yum as a pickle (usual pickle uses) nice in with plain rice and in quiches.

  4. What a glorious quilt!


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