Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 10: Baby Quilts

I just found out a very good friend of mine is having a baby. She has been trying for two years so it is fantastic news.  So, I have been wasting lots of time looking for appropriate baby quilts.  She is not finding out the sex so I need to make it so it will suit both genders. He is a typical Kiwi bloke so if it is a boy, I couldn't even have a hint of pink in it I am sure!!

I love Elizabeth Hartman's  quilts so her blog was one of my first stops. Nice clean lines with modern colours and simple designs. Found a couple there that would be suitable. Then I remembered Melly & Me. I love the clutch diaper change pad she has in her video...And her stuffed toys are adorable.  I think a quilt and something from Melly and Me would be perfect!

Now off to look for fabric online....I am so out of touch with baby stuff. My youngest is 9 going on 19, so I  haven't looked at baby stuff for years!! Hope I don't get too clucky :-)


  1. Have fun making the baby quilt. Your November blogging is going well. Maybe I should have taken up the challenge, I am missing the blogging everyday, though I wonder how I did manage it!

  2. How wonderful for your friends Deb :) Aren't the Melly & Me patterns so lovely, some of the new ones are too cute.


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