Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mo Stash bee and City Sampler

It is a wet, gloomy and cold day here....perfect for sewing.  Sundays are always a bit of a lazy day for me. With working full-time and then running around after the kids for sport on Saturdays, I like to have a ME day on Sundays.  So today is that day! I have a bee block to finish up and then I think I will do some more little Tula Pink blocks. I love these little quick and easy and they look fabulous.

I have done 12 of them so are the next 6.

I have also finished up the first of Jo's bee blocks for the Modern Stash bee. She wrote a tutorial for a twirling asterisk, which was easy to follow after the first hiccup. I didn't twig I had to reverse the pale side and so when I went to sew my first quadrant together, it wasn't right. Anyway, 4 quadrants later and here is the finished block. She requested pales and brights with low volume strips.

And here's a pic of our latest family member asleep on our beardie. He is only about 8 weeks old but already rules the roost. Was abandoned as a kitten :( He got into my fabric scraps last night ...oh my gosh...there was thread and fabric bits everywhere.


  1. Lovely blocks - oh, someone that cute can get into trouble?? Oh Yeah

  2. Lovely blocks - its cold and wet here too - I've been doing handsewing with the cat on my lap. Love that shot of your new kitten :-)


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