Saturday, June 01, 2013

A time for celebration

A couple of weeks ago, I graduated with my Masters in Nursing.  Five years of full-time work as well as study...I look back now and wonder how I did it.

I studied through Victoria University which is a 6 hour drive from me, so plans were made for the road trip well in advance.  All the kids were coming to see Mum get capped and probably heave a sigh of relief that it was all over!  Hannah pulled out at the last minute as she had too many school assessments on, so the 4 of us set out of the Tuesday heading South. It was a glorious, crisp Autumn day as we set off.

About half way down the island we passed the snowfields with only a smattering of snow on them at the moment.  Look at that beautiful sky...not a cloud to be seen.  We finally arrived into Wellington...not quite such a nice day down here.

Graduation was the following day so we just explored a bit of Wellington by foot. The kids had never been there and it is one of my favorite bohemian, so cultural, but with something for everyone. And it is compact which makes it easy to get around. I would move there in a heartbeat, but not just yet.

Graduation was the Wednesday and we had the street parade through Lambton Quay. That's me in the middle looking towards the camera.

The ceremony itself was at the Michael Fowler Centre and Tony's only job was to get a photo of me receiving my degree. He failed. We won't go there. So here is another one taken afterwards with him, Nick and Sarah.

The rest of the time in Wellington we spent doing touristy stuff... the free parliament tour which was really interesting, Te Papa which I always enjoy, Cuba St to soak up the bohemian lifestyle (Tony says if I ever ran away, he would just go to Cuba St to find me haha) and generally just lots of walking to explore the city. We left on Saturday to make the trek home and the weather had totally packed up by now so it was a good day to be heading back. Of course I had to stop at Moore Wilson's to get my fix of yummy cheeses, breads and supplies that aren't so readily available in a small rural town. I think they would have had a substantial rise in their profits that day!!

Quilting wise, I have been working on bee blocks. Finished these for Gina in the Mo Stash bee. The pattern is from Quilters Cache and is the Rocky Mountain Puzzle.


  1. Congratulations Deb. I know how hard work it is-I gave up with a Post Grad Diploma. Nice quilt blocks.

  2. Congratulations Deb, what an achievement!

  3. Congratulations - you must be very proud of yourself.

  4. Congratulations, Deb!! That is one awesome accomplishment!!! Whoop whoop whoop!!!

  5. Congratulations - awesome accomplishment, good on you!

  6. WTG! Such an amazing accomplishment :)


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