Monday, October 18, 2010

Q is for Quiet

A few months ago, my husband and I decided to work our way through the alphabet and do something related to that letter for the weekend. The idea came out of a fabulous book Growing Great Marriages by Ian & Mary Grant.  An easy read with lots of practical tips and fun ideas to keep the spice and fun in your marriage.  As this is the second marriage for both of us, neither of us want to experience a failed marriage again so we are both dedicated to making this an amazing, lifelong relationship. We have 5 kids every second weekend and none on the next, so on the weekends without kids, it is much easier to get away and do things.

So we have eaten Butter Chicken, gone for a Drive to the beach, been to an Ecological Reserve,  soaked in mineral Hot pools, eaten cheese at Over The Moon cheese factory and loads more fun things.  This weekend it was Q.  We have lots of fun deciding what to do for each letter and as it was our weekend to have the kids, Quaffing fine wine was out of the question. I thought Tony could just treat me like a Queen. However, he said he would rather rub my Quadriceps!!  So what else could we do that started with Q, that involved all of us?? Quilting seemed like the perfect solution, albeit a little selfish, so we agreed on having a Quiet day at home where we all took time out for ourselves and did something we wanted to do.

So I managed to get all of Block 1 cut out for Down in the Garden by Leanne Beasley.  I love the colours in her design...vibrant and cheery and when my first BOM pack arrived, I must admit I was a little disappointed as the store I purchased it from had substituted all those fantastic colours for antique pastels.  However, with a bit of creative licence, I am happy with the colours I have substituted now. Piccies to follow tomorrow.


  1. Hey, I love your approach to the weekends but must admit that your description had me chuckling. Good on you both. About the BOM, don't you just hate it when shops do that?

  2. Wow, I'm going to look for this sounds like it would be fun...Q is definitely for quilting for me...maybe quiet quilting.

    It sounds like you are enjoying the book. Good luck with it.


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