Saturday, October 09, 2010

A new passion!

Well, it's time to resurrect the blog, now that life is not so busy and I might have time to actually post again. You know, life just gets in the way sometimes!! lol

I have a new passion...well actually it's a renewal of an old passion. I took up quilting years ago and then had kids so it has been gathering dust for quite some time now. I got inspired to pick it up again when a Facebook friend posted some images of quilts she had been making, so out came the sewing machine. I decided I may as well treat myself to a new one since I was getting back into quilting, so I splashed out and got a Bernina Quilter's Edition machine. OMG, it is beautiful and magical to sew with. Is it wrong to want to spend more time with your sewing machine than your husband? lol

Anyway, I bought some Kiwiana charm squares at a recent Craft Fair in Hamilton and have made the front of a quilt. It's going to be a rather large wall hanging!! I have a very bare wall that I need to cover and this is the perfect size for it. Well I would love some ideas on what kind of designs to use. I have thought about stitching in the ditch around the designs and then doing a kiwi design on the black, but I am thinking I should quilt over the whole piece, I don't want to take away the effect of the charm squares tho. Any suggestions or ideas???


  1. Hi Deb,
    Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. This is my first visit to yours. I see geographically we are quite close neighbours( blogwise that is ), we live only about an hours driving apart. I'm not sure where you are exactly in the Waikato, but that is just over the hill from here. I will visit again to see how your kiwiana quilt is progressing. A lovely koru design in the black might look nice?
    Cheers , Ali.

  2. I'm in Te Awamutu, but we are always over at the Mt as we have a caravan there at one of the campgrounds.

    I did think about a fern or a koru on the black. Basted it all last night and will attack it tomorrow night! Thanks for visiting :-)

  3. Love your quilt! glad you are taking it up again!


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