Monday, September 22, 2008

While the cat's away, the mice will play...

I am beginning to dread going to work on the weekends we have the kids. Some kind of accident is usually just waiting to happen or invariably there will be some sort of mess to clean up. Is it because I never had brothers and am just not used to all the dare-devil stuff, rugby and mud or have I just got an adrenaline junkie for a husband?

I came home from work yesterday to find this...

Okay, the kids were bored so he made them a Burma Bridge. The fact that they needed a ladder to get onto it meant it was reasonably high off the ground! The kids apparently had a blast and showed me all the photos they had taken.

All of the kids had a go except Nick who was a little scared, but he did try later on after some encouragement from his stepbrothers. Actually it was more along the lines of "Nick ya big pussy. Even Sarah did it!!"

And when you are done walking across it, why not just hang around for a while....

And even the youngest member of the family had to give it a go...


  1. Perhaps it was better you were away at work lol

  2. That is so cool! Kids need a chance to be brave. And, being the family medic, you can always patch them up afterwards. I bet they talk about it for ages...

  3. LOL Looks like a fun time!

  4. Great pics there Dab, and you sound so happy. My how those kids have grown!

  5. Anonymous2:59 AM

    LOL I love it! ITA with Flossy too! You're the nurse... why not have some fun if Mom can patch us up right quick? LOL Those are great pics, Deb. TFS!


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