Monday, September 15, 2008


From this.....

to this....


  1. Love the new spring 'do! We had the yummiest dinner last night - Moroccan chicken with couscous (cheated and bought the Continental ready-flavoured), it was delicious and no leftovers.

  2. Yes,, but Sarah thinks he is soooo ugly now *insert 7 year rolling eyes here*!

    Glad you enjoyed the chicken. I have been banned from making the World Peace Cookies again cos Tony just kept eating and eating them. He said he doesn't want to turn into a pog and he will if he carries on eating them. lol

  3. OMG Deb, that made me laugh! He's adorable but what a difference!

    P(qr)S I was kidding. I went to Georgia and New Jersey. Like I'd go all the way to NZ and not look you up!


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