Saturday, December 18, 2010

We have a winner!!

Firstly, a big thank you to all those who have entered my giveaway.  Some of you I already know, but I see lots of new faces. I am looking forward to visiting your blogs over the next few days.  I loved reading all the comments and have learnt so many new things about my quilting friends around the world.

 Anyway, without further ado....I used to pick a winner. For the life of me, i could not figure out how to paste the random number generator thing here. I am on a Mac, so not sure if that is why, but I have spent far too long pondering and wasting time.

So, the lucky person is 


Blogger Missy said...

I'm a follower from the US. I'm in South Carolina and this part of the state we call a black hole for rain and snow. Everything parts right around us.

Congratulations Missy and I will send you an email to get your address.


  1. Hooray!! Thanks Deb for the wonderful giveaway!!

  2. Congratulations to Missy!

  3. COngratulations Missy. And thank you Deb for your participation in the great give away. It gave many of us a way of meeting you.


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