Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's all over for another year!

Well, I don't even have a photo to share from Christmas Day, sorry.  This year, the kids went to their dad's on Christmas Eve. My family is very small...I only have 1 sister and her family and she was off to her in-laws for the day and my mother was spending the day with her friend who is also on his own. This happens every second year and last time Tony and I went to Mellow Manor which was absolutely divine.  Mellow Manor is a fabulous old house that has been done up to cater for wedddings and functions. It is just beautiful inside and the grounds are well manicured and perfect for lazing around on after one has gorged on too much Christmas pud!

So we booked ourselves in again and it was just lovely.  I am surprised by how many families go out for Christmas lunch. It's got to cost them a small fortune as it is $90 a head for adults!  Anyway, it's always fun people watching!!

It is a smorgasbord type lunch with the usual Christmas foods and I gorged myself, I must admit. Oh my, I haven't eaten that much in a very long time. I was going to get my money's worth, that's for sure!! So we headed home 10kgs heavier and had an afternoon sleep to recover!!

Because I was in no shape to tackle anything physical after such a lunch, I continued with my Christmas tree wall hanging. Too late this year I know, but it will be all done for next year now!

Still got 2 boxes and the pot to stitch but need to get some silver and metallic blue thread


  1. I'm so glad I wasn't the only one to feel like a 'porker' at the end of it all. We even ended up having a nana nap, LOL.

  2. Happy Holidays to you! We had a lovely relaxed kind of day except poor old Andrew who had to work. We have a German girl living with us at the moment and she spent most of the day giggling about the sun and the heat and the bbq dinner so in the end we took her off to the beach for the afternoon. She's still laughing about the fact that she went surfing on Christmas Day!

    Are you off to the Mount at all? look out for sharks!

  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! We got to enjoy the first white Christmas in Nashville in 17 years, but it made for interesting driving coming home from dinner at my daughter's in-laws' house! Merry Christmas, Deb!!

  4. I think it sounded like a lovely time. I think your tree is devine - great color and like the metalic.

  5. what a perfect sounding day you had Deb and even more perfect to get some crafting in too :) I haven't picked my needle up in about 5 days so I'll definately be doing something about that later today, lol.


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