Thursday, May 24, 2007

Autumn is here...

...and with it the multitude of leaves that also occurs at this time of year. I love the beautiful autumn golds, russets and reds and the sunny clear days, but those leaves just create such a mess. Did try getting the kids to rake them up which went fine then they played hide and seek in the piles so they all got scattered again!!

However, autumn is pumpkin season and pumpkin soup has to be my all time favourite soup. The kids wanted a change from that tonight though so I am on the hunt for a pumpkin and ricotta lasagne. I got 102,000 results when I googled it!!! So I went to one of my fav websites instead and will use this recipe.

Last night was fun. I went to Puppetry of the Penis with a bunch of gals from work. It was hilarious. Nothing sexual at all, just lots of laughs. What those guys can do with their anatomy is just amazing. I must admit I was cringing at times thinking "That's gotta hurt!!" The guys work well together and their comedy routine was very good.

Need to put head down for the next couple of weeks. Another assignment due in on 12 June and I haven't even started writing it. I got an A- for my last one which I was pleased about. Got marked down as I went way over the word limit. I was hoping to get away with it, but 1500 words over was pushing it I guess :-)

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  1. Love autumn!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for it to get here ---


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