Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day in NZ

Well, it's Mother's day here today. The kids are with their dad this weekend but I am picking them up later and we are going out for lunch. They had made me cards which was really sweet so I opened them in bed this morning over coffee.

Went out for tea last night just to our local haunt then onto the movies. There wasn't a lot of choice so we chose Wild Hogs. Didn't feel like anything too heavy as it had been a pretty full on day at work with a couple of deaths so needed some light hearted relief. There wasn't a lot of choice as you can see. Tony was all for The Shooter or 300, but they so do not appeal.

Our local movie theatre has 4 theatres but 2 of these only seat about 60 people so it's almost like sitting in your lounge at home with a bunch of friends. Very cosy! With our town only having a population of 13,500, you are bound to know someone there. And wouldn't you know it, I ended up sitting next to friends of ours, but didn't realise until the intermission!


  1. First off ((Hugs)) days like that can't be easy!

    Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!


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