Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Recent adventures: En route to Quilt Con Part 2

The next day we had an early flight at 6am to Salt Lake City. Our plan was to spend the day there with Anna, a friend I have known online for some years and whom I was lucky enough to meet up with at Sewing Summit.  She is a beautiful, amazing woman and I was so excited to be able to meet up with her again.  She met us at the airport and had taken the day off work to spend with us.

A beautiful day in SLC...look at that dusting of snow on the mountains.

First stop was  Pine Needles. This was the first shop we went to at Sewing Summit so I had to take Rachel here as we just have nothing like this in NZ.  I think she experienced the same  "OMG" feeling that I did when she walked in as well!!


Rachel hoarding fabrics again!

Loved this little Carolyn Friedlander quilt.

Holly, the owner of the shop

Excuse the bags...but I was up at 3am! (me, Anna and Rachel)

We then had a wander around Gardner Village...such a quaint wee village with lots of interesting shops. We looked and we all bought something.

Fab little candy store...Bought some taffy here

And some gorgeous Alpaca yarn here

Look at this yumminess

And then we headed back to SLC to grab some lunch and to wander around a bit. First stop of course was the beautiful temple.  I learnt such a lot at the information centre here and Anna was a fantastic guide!

Next stop was Tiffany's where we all tried on the most expensive ring in the shop at USD$102,000. Unfortunately, or fortunately for him, I didn't know my husband's credit card details off by heart :)

One beautiful ring!!

Goodbye SLC

It was an amazing day and we had a fabulous time with Anna.  Hopefully, one day she will make it to NZ and I can return the favor. 

We arrived in Austin, TX at around midnight and Amanda (our tour guide from San Francisco haha) was waiting for us there, so we all headed into our hotel together to dream about Quilt Con the next day!!!


  1. Looked like a fun day, bet it was hard to take that diamond off. Did you buy wool - do you knit?

  2. Anna really is a sweetheart! I was so happy to meet her at Sewing Summit too :)


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