Tuesday, February 04, 2014

X Factor Pillow Swap - Sanctuary

After seeing the awesome pillows from Round 7 of the X Factor Pillow Swap on Flickr, I decided to get in on the action.  I love the idea of this swap as you aren't assigned partners as in a traditional swap, but send a piccie of your pillow to the group admin who posts it anonymously to the group so everyone can see it, but no-one knows who made it.  After the close date, everyone votes for the pillows in order of their preference.  The pillow with the most votes gets their first choice of pillow, the pillow with the second most votes then gets their choice and so on.

The theme for Round 8 was log cabins and text. I had just gotten some shot cottons so used them as the base for my pillow.  I love their jewel tones so chose my 4 faves and built the log cabins around that. I used Architextures as the main text fabric, and a fussy cut Echino bird for the centre.

My husband named it Sanctuary, as he felt the bird was sheltering in the cabins. I straight line quilted it, echoing the triangles on the outside of the pillow and then through the middle of each log strip.

For the back I used a Denyse Schmidt print with a hidden zipper enclosure

The binding is a Sweetwater text print that I love


  1. Beautiful pillow - the bird is perfect.

  2. Very nice Deb! How funny that we both used that Architextures print (in different colours). I can't wait to see who gets which pillow!

  3. This was one of my favourites in this round, stunning colours. Looking forward to seeing who gets what too.

  4. What a great cushion!


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