Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blogger's Quilt Festival

This is the first time I have participated in the Blogger Quilt Festival. I have had so much fun admiring and looking at all the quilts on display so far.  I just can't pick a favourite though...there is so much creativity and talent in the quilts displayed.

This quilt came about as I wanted a Kiwiana (things unique to New Zealand) wall hanging.  I had had a long break from quilting due to bringing up a family and work committments, but a visit to a craft show last year got the quilting juices flowing again! This was the first quilt I made on my return to quilting.

Initially it was supposed to be just a small wall hanging but I just couldn't decide which charm squares to use. I wanted to incorporate designs that held special memories for me, so it is now a very large wall hanging!! I have used all NZ fabrics in this and came up with the design myself. I straight line quilted it mainly because I have never done FMQ, but I think the straight line quilting is perfect for this quilt.

It is now hanging in our family room. Lucky, we have a very big wall!!

Thanks Amy for hosting this fabulous festival.


  1. I love the fabrics and when I blew up the picture to examine them I saw your fabulous quilting. Great quilt.

  2. Hi Deb, its beautiful. The blue is electric in the border. I love it :)

  3. I really like your work. THe colors and design really speak to me. Nice work!

    Marti in San Diego

  4. That's so pretty, Deb! I love seeing all those beautiful fabrics that represent your home!!

  5. Very beautiful quilt! I love the blue cornerstones and that tiny little colorful border.

  6. Wow Deb, this has to be the best Kiwiana quilt I have ever seen!!

  7. Love your quilt. That blue is so striking as an accent and great to see all those lovely fabrics showcased so nicely. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and have a great day


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