Saturday, April 02, 2011

A finish of a different kind...

My baby turns 10 in a couple of weeks, but since we head to Vietnam for 3 weeks next Friday, we are having her party today. I can't believe she is 10! Yikes, where have the years gone.  Anyway, the house is full of squealing girls and the cats have gone into hiding!

She asked for a make up bag as her cake, so I have been spending the morning modelling fondant.  All of it is edible so I better warn all the parents that they will be on a sugar high soon!!


  1. Oh, you clever girl you! Now that would make a little girl squeal. How cute. Have a safe and pleasant journey.

  2. Gee you are so talented and brave. I just love your fondant creations, but more than that I love the courage it's taken to have lots of yung girls in the house - oh the noise.
    Have a great time in Vietnam.

  3. Oh my goodness, Deb, that is so stinkin' cute!!! Hope you have a great party!

  4. Yikes, 10 already. How did that happen?? I wish I was talented enough to make a cake like's adorable!!

  5. Vicki, your email is set to no-reply, so can't email you back. I can't believe it either. She was only 18 months old when I was in Detroit with you. It still seems like yesterday sometimes!

  6. Awesome cake, well done


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