Thursday, January 24, 2008

Catch up

Gosh hard to believe half a year has gone by since I last wrote. Along with laziness, an almost dead modem that has now been replaced and summer, computer time has been somewhat limited. So now with a renewed interest, I am posting again.

I am now an old married woman. We had a fantastic time in Rarotonga and the most amazing wedding. So glad we took the kids. I have a video of it to upload but for now photos will have to do. I loved Rarotonga. Tony and I both intend to go back soon sans children. The photos don't do it really is like something off a postcard. It was very relaxed and just me, Tony and the kids. We used a local photographer and wedding celebrant and got married on the beach.

At the start of the ceremony

Taking our vows

The family after the ceremony

Sarah...looks so angelic...if only you knew the truth!

In the photographer's garden

Been spending loads of time at the beach. We have had the most glorious summer. We have just had 32 days without rain and amazing cloudless days. Unfortunately the garden and lawn are suffering though.

Will be back later to update some more. Got some things to do now.


  1. Beautiful! You all look so happy. You two make a gorgeous couple. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations!

    And, what gorgeous photos! :-)

  3. DEB!!!! Congratulations , the photos are so wonderful, you look so so very happy. I'm thrilled for all of you!

  4. Congratulations! Beautiful photos!

  5. What beautiful pictures. Congratulations!!

  6. Congratulations!!!! Wonderful photos - I particularly love the family one.

  7. Great pics Deb!!!

    I'm happy for ya!

    -Jill from CSC board

  8. gorgeous photos !! and you look SOOOO happy ! You deserve it, good for you :)

    hugs all round !!

    the kids look fantastic, say hi

  9. I love the family photo, congratulations Deb!


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