Sunday, November 16, 2014

Two in One Pouch

I have always admired Svetlana's  (of S.o.t.a.k Handmade) work and she has just released her first PDF pattern. I grabbed it while she had a reduced price of $6 as I thought it would make a nice extra gift for my pillow partner.  I whipped one up yesterday and  I say whipped one up as it only took me an afternoon.  My partner likes purples and pinks and jewel tones so I went with a Japanese linen, some Cotton and Steel and a low volume print I got in Westwood Acres Inside Voices club.

It's a great pattern to follow. Lots of pics and the instructions for the most part are very clear.  I love photos when I am making something as I just "get it" that way rather than trying to read a pattern.

My first boo-boo. I didn't read the pattern clearly and sewed the tab into the lining....

And then it was time to add the inside ...See that cute wee pincushion up the top. That is the one Sami sent me. I just adore the colours in it.

And flipped over to true other side. You can see the pincushion better in this pic.

And all completed...

A peek inside ...I used 2 different colours for the zippers to jizz it up a little.

I hope my partner likes it. It's heading off tomorrow to her.


  1. it's lovely Deb! And I am guessing that jizz is different in Kiwi slang than in North American slang LOL!

  2. This is the second one of these I've seen and only good things have been said about the pattern :) Always great feedback! Am sure your partner will love it - looks great!

  3. This is totally cute! I wanna make one too. It definitely looks easier than the sew together bag :-)

  4. Really cute! Everyone needs at least one zippy pouch right??

  5. It looks lovely :-)

  6. Cute pouch. Love the fabrics you used!


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