Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pillows, and more pillows


I have been bitten by the pillow bug (or cushions as we call them in NZ).  They sew up fast, they can be on display, and you don't need to do a gym workout when you are quilting them!

My first pillow was from the ever talented Sami who does all her piecing by hand. I was in a Flickr swap with her and received a gorgeous pillow from her. I loved this pillow for the colours and the fabrics she used and it is a really unique take on a log cabin theme.

X Factor pillow received

So this one little pillow looked a bit lonely on the couch so I made a Churn Dash pillow to go with it.

Churn Dash pillow

And now truly thinking I definitely needed a 3rd pillow I signed up for The Great Pillow Fight Swap on Flickr.  I got an amazing pillow from Emilee and she had also made an awesome tote out of Cotton and Steel fabrics. I love them both and the tote gets used regularly.

mailing today!

Pillow from Emilee Masson in the Great Pillow Fight Swap

And the back is just as gorgeous as the front. One of my fav fabrics from Cotton and Steel.


And then Sami and I decided to do a private swap from Anna Maria Horner fabrics. I made her the Sew Together bag  and she made me a pillow. It arrived the other day. One pillow of awesomeness!!!


The back of the pillow

She also made this adorable little pincushion as well which I just love.


And then I signed up for Round 2 of the Great Pillow Fight swap. It is a holiday theme and my partner had quite specific requests as to the colours she wanted. I spent ages trying to decide which pattern to use. She didn't want a particularly Christmas themed pillow so I thought I would do something along the lines of the Rocky Mountain Puzzle (which I'm glad I didn't as Lisa did an amazing one and I am hoping I get that, but I bet I don't as it's not in the colours I requested!). I then was perusing the web and came across Julie's website 627.Handworks. She has some amazing paper pieced patterns so I  downsized the Caldonia Star to 6.5" and pulled a bunch of fabrics in my patterns colours.

Fabric pull for The Great Pillow Fight

She seemed to like what I had started so I carried on....

The Great Pillow Fight Swap

and ended up with this...

Blocks all done


I straight line quilted it with Aurifil 2600, which is a lovely soft grey. I used Ruby for the binding to bring out the pinks and reds and for the back I used a Basic Grey print that would echo the greens, aquas and grey.



My collection of cushions


  1. Every pillow, is a work of art. Can we have a sofa shot with them all on it please.

  2. Love, love, love all those pillows (cushions)!! Thank you for sharing that link as this will be a fun small block to play with.

  3. Your stars cushion (fellow kiwi here) looks fantastic. I have to confess that I am not keen on making cushions - once I made a set of three which were quilted on both sides, and by the time I had finished them I realised that if I had stuck the 6 panels together I could have a small quilt.

  4. Gosh they are gorgeous! The stars and log cabin themed ones are my favourites even though they are all stunning!

  5. That is a collection of gorgeous pillows!


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