Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Finish Along - Quarter 2 goals.

I must say I am loving this Finish Along...it is certainly helping me get through my big list of WIPs.  It's good to have the goal of finishing all these quilts and seeing that I am not the only one with a big pile of unfinished quilts. My list for this quarter is basically a repeat of my list from Quarter 1, but I have excluded my bee blocks. I just can't get enthused to sew these together! 

I want to finish my Equilateral triangle quilt that I started at Sewing Summit.

Equilateral triangle quilt

My Star Surround Quilt that I started as a QAL with Melissa

Star Surround completed top

And my St Louis 16 patch

St Louis 16 patch top

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Finish Along 2014

Saturday, April 05, 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes - April goal

The next quilt I really want to get finished is my Chicopee St Louis 16 patch quilt. I think out of all of Denyse Schmidt's ranges this and Hope Valley have to be my favs. In fact so many of the Chicopee colours are similar to the Hope Valley ones.  

St Louis 16 patch top

This photo was taken back in January. That green, green grass is brown at the moment as we have been desperate for rain. Finally started raining today....yay It's such a lovely sound listening to it on the roof at the moment.

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Finish Along Quarter 1 completed

So how did I do?  I'm pleased to say I got 3 of my WIPs completed. I had 10 on my original list, which was a little ambitious to finish in one quarter, but if I keep up this rate, I will have all my WIPs done by the end of the year.  I was hoping to get to my bee blocks, but didn't even go near them!

My most favourite finish of all my quilts has to be my Tula Pink quilt.  I love the colours in this, the cute little blocks, and the quilting.

Tula Pink quilt completed

Another finish for the quarter was my Kitchen Window quilt which has been waiting and waiting and waiting patiently to be finished

Kitchen Window quilt finished

And my met recent finish is my Granny Squares quilt  which was also started a couple of years ago.

Granny Squares quilt

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Finish Along 2014

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes: Granny Square quilt completed

Granny Squares quilt

I started this a couple of years ago. Anna from Around the Quilt Block organised a granny square swap. There were 3 background colorways we could choose from...Snow, Charcoal and White. I thought the bright colours would pop on the Charcoal so went for this colour. We had to make 8 blocks in each background colour and put our names down for 2 block colours, so we wouldn't double up on colours. We swapped with 23 other people, so there are 24 unique blocks that we would receive in return.  These are the blocks I made...

Not Your Granny's Bee

This quilt has sat languishing waiting to be finished for a couple of years now. I finally have gotten around to finishing it.  I made an extra 3 granny squares as three I received were far too small to use on the front, so these were relegated to the back. I used a Denyse Schmidt grey spot and a Robert Kaufman green for the back. The binding is Tula Pink Parisville in a red and purple.


I just did an all-over stipple in a Superior thread to blend in with the Charcoal, and then did machine binding, as I was too lazy to spend the next day or two hand sewing the binding down.

Granny square quilt

Granny Square quilt


The poor old girls don't have much to eat at the moment...we are desperate for rain.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sewing Room Swap

I joined a Sewing Room Swap on flickr where you make one large item and one small item for your swap partner. It is a secret swap so they don't know that you are making for them, so it's a lot of digging around and stalking and seeing what their taste is like.  You make a mosaic at the start of the swap and give general idea about what you might like, but really, it is up to you as to what you make.  I can't reveal who my partner is yet as she hasn't received her items, but I am in awe of her work. She makes beautiful things and always sends such amazing swap packages, so the pressure was on!

Social tote

I decided to make a Social Tote and added a little pincushion that is included with the pattern.  

Social tote pincushion

It needed something more so I added a thread catcher

Cute little thread catcher

And I thought a little dumpling would finish it off nicely

Dumpling pouch

Dumpling inside
Inside the dumpling

And then I thought, no it still needs something else, so I whipped up this reversible sewing machine cover with a block from Patchwork 163

Sewing machine cover

And the other side of the cover is Tula Pink's Parisville clamshells quilted using serpentine stitch.

Reversible sewing machine cover

And it all together...

Camera Roll-1013

Sunday, March 02, 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes - March goal

About 18 months ago when granny square quilts were the thing all over blogland, I joined a granny square swap on flickr.   There were 24 members in each group.  We had pre-allocated colours, but could choose what colour combo we wanted to make.  I have a ton of blue and green so went for this colorway. We could also choose whether we went for snow, white or charcoal backgrounds, but there could only be 8 members in each colorway. We made 24 blocks (8 white, 8 show and 8 charcoal) and duly dispatched them off to the swap leader to be sorted out and  sent to the members.

Not Your Granny's Bee 

The tutorial we used was one by Katy at I'm a Ginger Monkey. So easy to follow and much easier than piecing a ton of tiny squares!  

I managed to get the squares sewn together but that is as far as I got. My goal for this month is to finish this quilt.

Granny square swap

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Social tote completed

I joined the Sewing Room swap on flickr for the first time this month.  I thought it would be something a little different to the bees I generally do and I still get the fun and excitement of making something for someone and getting  squishy parcel in return.

I decided to make a Social Tote for my partner as I thought it might be something she would like.  It is a pattern by Anna from Noodlehead in collaboration with Carolyn Friedlander.  It's a cute little tote and perfect for carrying around a little hand project. This is also my February goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes.

My first attempt was a disaster. One of the materials listed was wrong and I didn't know that there was an errata on Carolyn's website. It stated to use fusible woven interfacing and in brackets was Pellon 71F.   However, on the website she actually states that Pellon Shapeflex 101F is the correct material. They are completely different products.  I had used a lovely Suzuko Koseki print for the first one and once I got to the final assembly stage, I realised that things were not as they should be. The 71F is a very firm interfacing and totally not right for this tote.  So the Suzuko tote went in the trash and I started again.

It also is not a very easy to understand pattern. I am an experienced sewer, but found this pattern quite challenging. I had to read and re-read several times.  You could not afford to miss any part of the process.  The second attempt was much easier and I put it together very quickly.

For the lining I used a cute little Yuwa fabric that I got from Sew Me A Song a while ago.  My partner likes Japanese fabrics so I'm hoping she will like this.

The exterior of the bag is also a Yuwa fabric...one by Suzuko Koseki.  I really like this print and the colours in it.  I used an Anna Maria Horner print from Dowry for the handles and the pocket

And putting it all together...These Clover clips have to be one of the best notions I have ever bought. I use them for so many things. They were perfect for holding the lining to the exterior.

And the finished product...

Camera Roll-1051 
The props in the tote are mine  :)

And on more exciting news I am going to New York in September. A couple of friends that I met at Sewing Summit last year asked me to go, so I am going for 10 days on my own then will meet my hubby in Hawaii for a week, before I fly home.  I am so excited!!! I am all booked, so roll on September.

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