Sunday, November 09, 2014

Auckland Festival of Quilts

Yesterday I went up to the Festival of Quilts which is the annual quilting show each November that the Auckland Quilt Guild puts on. I hadn't been for about 3 years, so Rachel and Julie joined me this year as well.  There were lots of different exhibitions, but we decided to hit all the shops first and then  look at the quilts.  I think the highlight was the remnant bin for $1 a remnant. I scored some Tula Pink (mainly Foxfield and Moonshine), and some Melody Miller. They were big remnants...fat eighth to fat quarter size.

While perusing the shops eagled eyed Rachel spied a quilt that was near and dear to her heart.  This is Rachel's own tutorial and it was just beautiful.

Rainbow Crosses by Shelley Pathak

And with Miss Wooden Spoon herself. She's gonna kill me for this!!

We met up with Anne, Adrianne, Juliet, Leonie, and Liz for lunch. It was first time meeting for some of us as well as catching up with old friends.  Anne, Adrianne, Rachel and I are all going to Quilt Con together, so we are all very excited about that!

Then it was off to look at the quilts...Here's a few of my favs from the day...

Love Triangle by Melanie Hastings.
Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman

Hexagon Obsession by Marie Harrison.
These were ¼ inch hexies...soooo tiny!!

Road Block by Annie White.
Original design using silks and shot cottons

Delectable String Star Mountain by Robyn Rognstad.
This was one of our favs and Robyn's original design

Close-up of one of the stars

Strawberries and Cream by Ashleigh Ward

These were hanging in one of the hallways. Unfortunately I didn't get the details

Moderation Module by Heather Bassett
Original design using improvised strips with negative space

Perseverance By Alison Hartley
Giant cathedral windows quilt!!

Pinks and Reds by Robyn Rognstad
Original design. She did the stars quilt we loved!, That's Julie admiring it ;)

Pacific Pathway by Donna Ward
Donna owns my local quilt shop and does amazing quilting. She quilted my Tula Pink quilt.

Four Inch Delight by Julie Brittain
This was many blocks all 4" in size but some were so intricate.

Housetops II by Robyn Croft
Based on quilts by the Gees Bend quilters. She used her own hand-dyed cottons 

Graduations III by Robyn Croft
Inspiration from Nancy Crow

Return to Rosy by Rebecca Owen
Made during a quilt quiltshop with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Malby

Simply Beautiful by Julie Vazey
Inspiration from Blue Ginger by Anne Scott

Windmills of my Mind by Julia Vazey
Inspiration: Cinca de Mayo by Karen Stone

Winter Geese by Melanie Hastings

Summer Geese by Melanie Hastings

Cheery Canary Bee Quilt by Carolyn van Wonderen

Zigs and Zags by Helen Harford
Kit by Fons and Porter

Brain Waves by Robyn Rognstad

Fractured by Heather Bassett
Inspiration: She used a neat puzzle quilting motif all over

The Big Pineapple by Susan McRae
Inspiration: Material Obsession by Sarah Fielke

Bright Starry Times by Alison Haines
Inspiration: Country Garden Quilts by Kaffe Fassett

Painted Garden by Donna Ward
Inspiration: Diamond Alley by Sassafras Designs

Inside Out by Judi Schon
Inspiration: Kati Spencer

I loved the quilting on this

A Traditional Affair by Judi Harford.
I looked at this and thought it was Red Letter Day by Thimbleblossoms but then read Judi started this 20 years ago

Say it with Flowers by Anne Joule
This was incredible. Made entirely from ties, english paper pieced and hand quilted.

And The Best of Show:
Dockside Reflections by Alison Laurence
Inspiration was from her own photo at Circular Quay


  1. Your photos turned out much better than mine. Would love to be a fly on the wall when Rachel sees that photo.

  2. Our little Monday Modern group were so thrilled that you included so many of 'our' quilts Deb :-) It's a lovely shot of Rachel.

  3. Thank you so much for posting all these photos. It's almost as good as being there. I was going to say which one I'd give my Viewer's Choice vote to, but I can't quite decide between Return to Rosy by Rebecca Owen, Inside Out by Judi Schon and Summer Geese by Melanie Hastings.thank you.

  4. Well I just saw that photo, you cheeky thing!! Thanks for capturing so many of the quilts! It was a wonderful day!

  5. Wasn't it a great show? I met up with a fellow blogger who I had never met in person before and we had a great day. Different tastes but that didn't matter. Love your photos of the quilts-most of them are the quilts I loved and took photos of as well. Glad you had a great time.

  6. Wow! i almost feel like I've been there. Thanks for all the lovely pics and little descriptions. Beautiful quilts. Well chosen. It sounds like a fun day.

  7. There were so many amazing quilts! Was lovely to meet all you ladies too! Have a great week! :)

  8. Great photos of the quilts. Following on from Megan's comment the Cheery Canary Bee Quilt was made from blocks by the Monday Modern Bee also. You have shown 10 of the 12 modern quilts members of the group entered!

    1. Yes I just realised I didn't have photos of the other 2 that I really liked....the low volume one with the stars and the pixelated heart. I didn't realise that they were all from the Monday Modern group. Too funny!

  9. Great photos and how wonderful to see so many of our Monday Modern quilts amongst your favourites. I'm really pleased that Rachel liked my Rainbow Crosses quilt - it never occured to me that she might see it!

    1. Ha, it was awesome to see it...we all loved it.

  10. Thanks for posting these pictures and including my all quilts! I think I took one picture but my phone camera was not impressed with the poor lighting.... I really liked the strawberries and cream quilt that was near my delectable mountains, a very clever design which stood out to me, I'm glad it has been captured here as well. :)

  11. Winter Geese was one of my favourites too, but I missed getting a photo of it. I've directed people over your way from my blog because you've got heaps of great shots.

  12. Thanks for all the photos. Looks like I must have missed a section as I don't remember some of the quilts at all!


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