Monday, September 30, 2013

Yosemite National Park. - Day 1

So it was time to say goodbye to all my new sewing buddies and move onto the next part of our adventure. I was holding my breath as we checked in and was just praying all my purchases wouldn't be too heavy! I had packed our carry on with all the heavy stuff and I was wearing about 5 layers to keep the weight down as well. We just scraped in! We headed off to Fresno, picked up rental car and hit the road.


So we checked into Ravensbrook B & B which was just delightful. Sherri is the most charming host and we immediately felt at home here. She served the most amazing breakfasts which left us full for the rest of the day. Each had a little theme for the day...



Monday we spent exploring Mariposa Grove...a grove of giant sequoia trees at the southern end of the park. It's impossible to capture the beauty and grandeur of these trees in a photo. You know when you see something amazing and you think nothing can beat that and then you walk around another corner and you are blown away again...well that is what Yosemite is like.


Standing by one of the giant trees
Be careful if you need to use the restroom!
These trees never rot...look at how big it is


The oldest tree in the park...about 2000 years old

We hiked to Wawona Point...well worth it for the view

The view from Wawona Point



We spotted this little doe grazing



Loved these little critters
They were so cheeky


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  1. Wow! Looks like an amazing place! Enjoy the rest of your trip! Oh and I'm just a little envious that you got to meet Heather Bailey😊


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