Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sewing Summit


Well, happy holidays Deb....this is what my workmates did to me on my last day of work. They covered every single item in tinfoil. Right down to each individual pen, cards I had on my top shelf, and even the paper clips!!! It was nicely finished off with a daffodil on my keyboard! You can just imagine what I said when I opened the door, then I had to check myself as I realised there might be patients who may have heard my expletives!! I did laugh though and it quickly became the talk of the hospital and I had visitors from all over coming to see the masterpiece! I think it is the most photographed office in the hospital.

So that was the start of my holiday. We made it to Salt Lake City, Utah on the Tuesday night as I wanted a day to let the jet lag wear off before Sewing Summit started. Utah is 18 hours behind NZ, so I was still bright eyed and bushy tailed at 2am!!

So Wednesday was a rest day and we just walked and looked, exclaimed when we saw the size of our pancakes for breakfast and generally took it easy. SLC is a pretty city. You fly in over barren desert and then there is this lush green city with pretty flowers everywhere, amazingly manicured lawns that are so soft to tread on and waterfalls and streams in the shopping malls. The temple is stunning with a golden angel atop of it. The walls are 9 feet thick at the base! I stumbled upon a HUGE shop selling all manner of kitchen ware so stocked up on my Wilton supplies.

That night we met some online friends for dinner. Anna, who runs the 3x6 bee on Flickr has been an online friend for a couple of years and lives in Utah. She brought her hubby and the four of us had so much fun. As soon as we met we just didn't stop chattering and it was like we had known one another for years. We went to Squatters which is a boutique brewery and pub. And look at the size of those meals!!! All that weight loss prior to my trip is just gonna go back on after one meal here!

Thursday I had booked in for the Shop Hop so dutifully kissed my hubby goodbye, and told him not to expect me anytime soon and bounded out the door trying to keep my excitement under control to join a bus load of women who all had a similar passion. The quilt shops here are amazing. Seriously, I just couldn't stop looking and oohing and aching and fondling fabric. I was the last one back on the bus every time!

This is what I came home with. Considering the price of fabric in NZ, I think I was very restrained!!!

Ok tomorrow I will post about day 1 at Sewing Summit where I got to meet Pat Bravo (gorgeous, amazing lady) and Heather Bailey (who is just so nice) and share the classes I did.



  1. Eeek, it looks like you had so much fun over there. I really wanna go to one of these big bloggy sewy happenings! Great fabric haul as well!

  2. It looks as though you are in fabric paradise!!

  3. Deb I was so glad that you picked me up at the Airport. lol It was such a great time at the Summit so glad that we got to meet. Love you post about your trip and I have had fun following all your pictures of the rest of the trip. Not sure I will head to San Fran any time soon.


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