Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sewing Summit - Day 2

So the alarm went off at 7.30am and I dragged myself out of bed. The jet lag was really killing me. Found a coffee shop down the road that did GREAT coffee and they roast their own beans, so a bagel and a freaking huge 20oz coffee set me up for the day. Forget getting a normal sized coffee over here...everything is twice the size as at home. I was that tired I figured a 20 oz would do the trick.




So clutching my half drunk coffee I stumbled into my first class which was Stash Mixology by Elisa Albury. Waiting for us on our desk was a Ruby Beholder and a sweet. I had no idea what this was but its a piece of ruby coloured plastic that allows you to find value in a quilt. It works on all colours except red as it is red in colour. If you want to find the values of red fabrics you need a green beholder. Elisa reckons we won't need it though as our eyes will get pretty good at identifying value. Taking a black and white snap on your camera kind of does the same thing. I love this little tool. Used it for a couple of things already...perfect!




So Elisa had some take home points....ugly fabrics can work magic!!! You know those fabrics that you buy and then a few years later you think what on earth was I thinking....they are so freaking ugly. It might be the large floral or the lime green pixies or the ugly brown fabric you thought might come in useful....well Elisa says take those fabrics and add them into a quilt...that lime green will become a zinger and add a pop of colour. Cut that large pink floral up into smaller pieces and work it into a quilt. We then did an exercise where we all put 6 or so FQ onto a table and we all tried to add a zinger or coordinate the colours with the stash we had. This was such a fun class and Elisa was a great teacher.






The second class for the day was Social Media with Tauni Everett who blogs at Snap Creativity. This class was about getting more from your blog and using social media. She talked about using tags or labels to help search engine optimisation, about being real and consistent, networking with other blogs, using link up parties and using photo gallery sites. She also said to use photo titles and add an alt tag as people will often search just for images and these will come upon a search as opposed to not labelling as DSC19995 is never going to come up in a search. It wasa great session and I learnt a lot from Tauni.




Lunch was another feast and this time we had cute little battings waiting for us on the table.







They held little fun competitions each lunchtime and I won the prize for travelling the furtherest. A cute little hold-all with lots of cute things in it.





After lunch, it was time for Equilateral Triangles with Jeni Baker who blogs at In Color Order. I have loved and admired Jeni's work for ages, so was excited about doing this class. An equilateral triangle quilt as been on my to -do list for ages. She is just the sweetest person. I loved this class. It was over far too quickly.


Jeni's triangle quilt
Showing how to cut the triangles



Isn't this wee Briar Rose mini the cutest!





My stack of triangles

Kelsey, my sewing buddy



The last and final class was Photography by Melissa Esplin. I have a DSLR and a point and shoot, but really want to learn how to take better photos. I just throw it in automatic every time and away I go! So Melissa talked about f-stops and shutter speeds and ISO and all manner of technical things that I am still trying to understand. I've been playing around a bit, guess it's a bit like FMQ...the more you do it, the better you get at it. She then gave us a practical demo via a data show on the screen. And never ever say makes you grimace...say yoga or grandma instead!

Julie and I - camera buddies



So that was the classes over and done with. We had half an hour before dinner and the closing speech by Heather Bailey. Our gifts for dinner were Olfa accessories.





Heather shared her journey at the closing dinner. Another inspirational lady who encouraged us all to be creative. She shared sad moments, happy moments, life changing moments and with a touch of humour. An amazing person.




And to sum it all amazing 3 days filled with laughter, fun, sewing, bonding, passion and creativity. I can't wait til next year.







  1. You took some great classes and look at all the goodies you brought home.

  2. WOW Deb what an amazing time you have had. Have just read through your posts and enjoying both the quilting but also the American experience. NZ must feel so small at the moment. Are you going back next year???

  3. What a fabulous couple of days you have had Debs, I read every word you have written over the last couple of days and can understand why you have had such a fantastic time and learnt so much. An how exciting to get to these classes in the US.... wow! Just bring back the America's cup with you too!!!

  4. Wow! Not only am I jealous you got to go, I am so thankful for your descriptions and pictures! Makes me feel almost like I'm there, and definitely want to be! Well now, back to my normal sized Joe while I peruse your earlier Summit posts :o)

  5. I'm so glad you got all the way there and no doubt represented NZ with typical kiwi friendliness and enthusiasm. Thanks for writing such interesting posts about it all - hope the jet lag comes right soon!

  6. Love the recap - and great pics too! It was so lovely to meet you, and I've just about got over coming second place to you in the "furtherest" competition" , even though I thought I definitely had it in the bag!! :-)

  7. Your blogging was almost like being there! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

  8. Deb I loved reading all of your sewing summit recap posts! It was wonderful having the opportunity to meet you and see along side you in class and open sew :)


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