Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yosemite National Park - Day 2

Day 2 we went to Glacier Point and Sentinel Dome at Yosemite.  I thought the view from Wawona Point was spectacular, but I was totally unprepared for what lay in wait...

One of the vantage points on the way looking at Nevada Falls

Zooming in on Half Dome

Obligatory squirrel photo!

Looking back the way we had come

At Glacier Point looking left down into Yosemite Valley

And looking right with Half Dome on the top right

Photos just don't do this majestic valley justice. The size and scale of the rock faces and valleys is just unbelievable and trees that are awe inspiring when you are at their base just look like tiny dots from the top of Glacier Point. We were up here for ages just taking in the view and feeling quite astounded at what lay below us.

We finally dragged ourselves away and decided on a hike to Sentinel Dome, which was not too far from where we were.

This should be a nice walk!

Holy crap, that's steep

WOW!!! Totally worth it...

Look at meeeeeee!

It was cold up here and really windy

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