Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My daughter, Hannah, decided she wanted to make a little something special for dessert last night for her little sister. She found a recipe in one of my magazines White and Dark Chocolate Cheesecake. Oh my gosh, my hips automatically put on 5 kilos just reading the recipe! It was very easy to make apparently and she whipped it ip very quickly. The hardest part she said was resisting the urge to dip her fingers into the mixture and keep tasting it.

My strawberry plants are abundant with strawberries at the moment, so we decorated it with a few strawberries from the garden. The verdict....scrumptious.


  1. Hannah made that? It looks like a picture out of a gourmet magazine!! Way to go, Hannah!!

    How did Sarah like it?

  2. Oh Yummo!! Love any kind of cheese cake and this is picture perfect. Congratulations Hannah!

  3. OMG I like you can feel the hips expanding as I write this looking at the picture!


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