Thursday, November 04, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 4: Calico Christmas

Have a busy weekend coming up. Off to Auckland tomorrow night  for Calico Christmas on Saturday.  It's a quilt show organised by the Auckland Patchworkers and Embroider's Guild. Lots of amazing quilts on display and of course...SHOPPING!!  Then catching up with friends in Auckland before heading home for a work Christmas party on Sunday at Viligrad's. Christmas parties already!! Yikes, what is that about??


  1. The green look I have right now is not because I'm auditioning as a leprichaun, it's because I am so darned jealous. I want to go to Calico Christmas, sob, sob.
    hugs, siff, sniff
    Miche'le, sniff, sniff

  2. I will watch out for you, as I will be there too. We are bringing our usual bus load up from Tauranga, so that's an early start for us.


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