Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 16: Eggs-cellent idea!

The girls have been extremely diligent in their egg laying lately, so much so I just cannot keep up with the production!!  Over the last few weeks we have had omelettes, eggs and soldiers, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, egg korma, gado gado, quiche, egg sandwiches, stuffed eggs, scotch eggs and lots of baking! Unfortunately, Tony is not a big egg eater, so I need to make meals appear like they don't have eggs in them!!  However, last night I was in the mood for something easy for tea and remembered a roasted vegetable frittata that he actually loves. That would also use up a great deal of my eggs.

Roasted Vegetable Frittata.

Dice a selection of vegetables cut into 1-2cm cubes and coat them with a tbsp or 2 of good quality olive oil. I used potatoes, golden kumara, carrots, and pumpkin. Bake at 180 degrees C until soft. Add onion chopped into wedges about half way through the cooking time, along with softer vegetables such as broccoli, capsicums or cauliflower.   I sometimes roast a couple of garlic bulbs and squeeze out the cloves as well.

Break eggs into bowl. I used about 12, I think. Depends on how many I am feeding!! Whisk eggs together. 

Add 500 grams of cottage cheese and 2 tbsps parmesan cheese to eggs and mix well. 

I also added some gruyere I had floating around and sometimes I add feta.

Add fresh herbs. I use whatever is in the garden so last night it was parsley and lemon thyme.

I also added a tsp of sambal oelek for a bit of heat, but you can leave this out.  Add seasonings such as salt and pepper if you want.

Once vegetables are cooked, spread into dish and pour over the egg and cheese mixture.  Flatten it out and sprinkle with a couple of tbsps of parmesan cheese. Add a handful of pumpkin seeds sprinkled over the top as well. Bake for about 45 mins.  


  1. Hi Deb, oh lucky you, I really miss my lovely 'home grown' eggs that we used to collect when we live up North.

  2. YUMMMMMM! It looks so delicious! Thanks for that great recipe - I have a little 13yr old vegetarian and this is perfect for her - and me cause it looks so easy.

  3. Very Yummy. I love eggs (in any form but raw.)
    The roasted veges make that extra delicious.

    Well done hens!

  4. YUM! Looks lovely Deb.

  5. ohh this looks delicious Deb!


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