Friday, May 02, 2014

St Louis 16 patch finished

I love the vibrancy of this quilt. It's such a happy, warm looking quilt as we head into autumn here. The nights are getting chillier and the mornings cooler. I actually turned my electric blanket on the other night for the first time this year! 

I used the tutorial from Steffani. I just love her version of it.  In mine,  I have used mainly Chicopee with a little bit of Hope Valley and a couple of DS fabrics from Spotlight. The binding is a raspberry fabric from Spotlight.    I quilted it in a cross hatch pattern to go with the squares.

For the back I used a DS print from Spotlight with 4 of the blocks that didn't make the cut for the front. 

I think it even gets the seal of approval from the kitten!

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  1. I just love your mix of fabrics - it really does make this pattern pop. Oh, a new family member.

  2. It is gorgeous! Congratulations on the finish!! Cute kittie!

  3. I want this quilt!! It's gorgeous - I particularly love the colour combo.


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