Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Looking back at 2013...

Well I think it was a year of bee blocks for me when I look back at my year. No wonder I don't have a lot of finished quilts! Next year, I will just stay with the Modern Stash bee and give the others a break for a while. I have so many blocks to sew into quilts from all my bees. I love the Modern Stash bee as you get blocks that suit your purpose at the time. I am slowly getting my Japanese X plus quilt together from this bee.

X Plus blocks

I have only managed to finish 4 quilts this year, 

but I do have another 2 tops waiting to be basted.

I have jumped on the Tula Pink City Sampler bandwagon and have finished all my blocks. I laid them out and have started joining them all together.

Tula Pink City Sampler blocks

I also joined the Lucky Stars BOM and unfortunately have only finished 7 stars so far. I do intend the finish the others, hopefully over the next couple of weeks.

Lucky Stars: Jan - July

Highlights from the year:

Going to the Gold Coast with the whole family

Graduating with my Masters in Nursing

Going to Sewing Summit

Going to Yosemite National Park and San Francisco

And my goals for 2014...

To finish all my unfinished quilts! I am going to join up with some Finish Alongs this year to motivate me.  I have a ton of bee blocks that all need to be made into quilt tops, I have 4 or 5 quilt tops that need backs and basting and I want to finish up my Lucky Stars BOM blocks. I've got 12 months to do it!!


  1. I love your City Sampler - it looks stunning - can't wait to see mine all laid out - I hope it looks as good as yours!

  2. Oh your City Sampler is wonderful. I am so jealous. I kept thinking I should do it and the book kept showing up at the library recent shelf but I have resisted. I am so happy to see someone made it and it is beautiful!

  3. Wow you've had a productive and successful year. Congratulations on your Masters!

  4. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Your City Sampler and X Plus look amazing!

  5. Oh wow, that City Sampler is stunning, and your X&+ is coming along fabulously as well! Also, Congratulations on your masters!! Great work! :D

    I can't wait to see what you make in the new year!

  6. Your city sampler looks gorgeous! All of your projects are great, in fact. Congrats on all you've accomplished this year!

  7. Wow so many !!! Congrats on graduating


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