Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bee blocks

I have finished up my last bee blocks for the year. I love the Modern Stash bee, as each round only goes for 6 months and you generally end up with blocks you want, rather than those that don't fit with what your vision is for a quilt.  I think this is the only bee I will keep on with next year.  Karrie pretty much gave us free range of whatever block we wanted to make but had specific colour ranges. When she first said coral, pink and aqua, I thought, yikes, coral is not a colour I have in my stash, but a bit of searching revealed some Tula Pink in the perfect shade.

Modern Stash bee - Karrie's block

Modern Stash bee - Karrie's block

Both blocks are from Modern Bee: 13 Quilts to make with friends by Lindsay Connor.  The first is Elizabeth Dackson's block, which I scaled down as the original is a 20" block and the second is by Lindsay herself. I had some troubles with the second block getting it to remain wrinkle free around the circle edges, but I ended up using spray starch which seemed to help. Some swearing was involved as well!

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  1. I like the colours you ended up with, and for me the top block seems achievable for a newbie like me, the circle I can just drool over for now :)


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