Saturday, March 02, 2013

Bee blocks and Starburst finish

It has been incredibly hot here in NZ. We haven't had any rain in the Waikato since just after Christmas and it is close to a drought in many areas. I just haven't had the desire to sit at the sewing machine for very long in this heat. Having said that I have finished up some bee blocks for the Modern Stash bee and have finished the top for the Starburst QAL.

Linda chose this block for her month in the bee and wanted aqua, red, dark purple, red and chartreuse in her blocks.  I enjoyed making this, but it's definitely better to press the seams open in this one.

The other block I have finished this month is part of Elizabeth's Lucky Stars Block of the Month series. February's Star is an Exploding Star and I do love how this one has turned out.  January's star was a Funky Star.  I am sticking with a similar color palette for the whole series and will make a quilt with all 12 stars at the end of the year.

January's Funky Star
February's Exploding Star
And my final finish is sewing the 4 Starburst blocks together to finish the top. I will baste it today, but I detest basting.  Will use some Tula Pink fabrics for the back I think and hopefully quilt it tomorrow.


  1. Oh my goodness! Your blocks are fabulous! I agree with you about basting! I only spray baste now!

  2. Gorgeous blocks! And great job on your Starburst quilt.

  3. Yes, hot as here to Debs, oh for some rain to cool things down and give everything a good water. Love your stars of all shapes and colours, looking very bright.

  4. All completely fabulous! I have serious point envy;-)

  5. Oh, gorgeous! I love those purples and yellows you've used in the Starburst. :-)

    Crazy summer we're having this year, isn't it?!? Hardly been any rain here in Wellington either, which is very very unusual.....

  6. Cool to see another kiwi doing the Lucky Stars!

  7. Your lucky Stars are great! I am continuing with mine more confidentially - my points are not perfect but I am not cutting them off anymore, and I mixed my colours up on the March star but I doubt if the eventual owner will even notice. I have chosen my own colours with yellow as the one consistant colour as it is my least fav colour and want to embrace it more often. The Starburst quilt is great - I love the giant stars! Keep up the great work :)


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