Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Swooning and Japanese x and + blocks

I had the urge to finish my Swoon block that I started like a year ago and it has been gathering dust on my sewing table ever since.  I think bee blocks and life got in the way! I am making it all in Terrain as I love this range by Kate Spain. Actually I like most of her ranges, but I just love the purples and blues in this particular range. I am using Kona Cream as the background. One down...8 to go.

Have whipped up a couple more Japanese x and + blocks. They come together so quickly.


  1. Looking good Deb....

  2. Beautiful blocks!

  3. That is one great looking block - so many pieces. I too love Kate Spain I did a graudation quilt in Fandango two years past.

  4. oh I love that you are doing your Swoon in Terrain! That's what I did too! LOVE it!


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