Sunday, January 20, 2013

Japanese x and + blocks and Instagram

I have been taken with the Japanese x and + blocks since I first saw them on Amy's blog.  I managed to avoid getting sucked into the scrappy trip along that everyone in blogland has been doing, but after seeing so many gorgeous x and + blocks appear in blogland and on instagram, I have decided I cannot put it off any longer.  These little guys are so addictive.   I made 2 and then thought, just one more, then I did just one more....

I have had the Instagram app on my phone for ages but have never done anything with it.  It seems to becoming more and more popular as another way of communicating on the go, so I have joined up and trying to figure out how it all works.  If you are on instagram let me know your user name and I will add you. I have found a few of you already through looking at people's followers (it almost feels a bit stalkerish!!).  My user name is Deb_Trail on there.


  1. Wonderful blocks! They look fun, but I have sooooo much going right now.

  2. Gorgeous blocks Deb. Happy New Year! I've recently started playing around with Instagram too,I'm 'kiwitrina'.


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