Saturday, January 19, 2013

Starburst QAL

I have been on holiday for the past week, but have't achieved a lot of sewing. Instead I have been spring cleaning. It feels so good to have a sparkly clean house and everything put away where it should be. Even my sewing room got a spruce up, so I have a bit more room in there now.  I have another week off, but will devote that to ME, and get in some sewing. I have a bunch of quilts that need quilting.

I have decided I like the fun of choosing fabrics, cutting and piecing them, but hate the basting with a vengeance and am not too fussed on the quilting process either.  Hence I have about 4 quilts waiting to be quilted.  Part of me feels I should just send them off to be quilted, but I figure I paid a small country's GDP for my machine so I should use it to its full potential.  However, I do love sitting in the evenings and hand-stitching the binding on. Is anyone else have a favorite part of the process?

I have joined Melissa's Starburst QAL as I have admired her one ever since I saw it.  I went to one of my fav sites Design Seeds and chose a different color palette to what I normally go with.

I am totally in love with Simply Color and ordered a bunch of it from Pink Castle Fabrics.  It is even more lovely up close. So my palette was loosely based on some of the colors from this range. I had the orange in there to start with but it looked too busy so I took it out and this is what I have ended up with.


  1. Wellcome to the QAL - these are great colors/fabrics and should look fantastic!

  2. Beautiful! I chose my fabrics yesterday, lots of vibrant plum, lime and navy blue..with a gray this quilt pattern also, cant wait to see it finished...

  3. Great colours there Deb, love them! Looking forward to seeing them made up.


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