Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Endings and beginnings

From this on 28 October 2011.....
To this on 10 January 2012

Sarah has finally been given the all clear to start walking so this is her first day without crutches! Yay!!!
What a great start to 2012....

I am now back at work...what a shock to the system that is after 2 and a half months off looking after Sarah!  I am enjoying being back at work, but have noticed I don't have near enough computer or quilting time now! I have joined several bees this year as a way to try different types of quilting and to challenge myself.  Doing small blocks will be more achievable than trying to do a whole quilt too. This year will be busy, as along with working fulltime, I am also doing the last postgraduate paper in my Masters degree in Nursing.

I signed up to do an angel bee block for Jamie on one of the Flickr bee groups. Her request was bright colours with a black background.  Hope she likes it!

And I have booked our next holiday...having listened to all the suggestions from my giveaway, we have decided to go to Hawaii.  So all booked and will head off there for a couple of weeks in June. We thought after the stress of the last 3 months we want somewhere relaxing and warm, somewhere where Tony and I can just enjoy one another's company and spend some time together and somewhere that won't cost a fortune!


  1. Oh, dear sweet thing - she is so lucky and you are blessed. Small projects seem to be the thing this year - so if it takes a block at a time, it still is some creative time.

  2. Woohoo, Sarah!!! Way to go!! And you will have a wonderful time in Hawaii - we have been three times now and just love it! Can't wait to see your bee blocks throughout the year - this one is a great start! Very pretty....

  3. What great news! Sarah looks fantastic! Give her a hug from Canada!

  4. Beautiful block, beautiful news about Sarah and great to have you back at work

  5. Great news! It must be a relief for you to have Sarah doing so well.

  6. Yippee! Wonderful to see Sarah doing so well! A bee block that is a new one for me - but it looks great. Clara and I went to the big quilt show here last weekend and bought threads and tools. Thanks for sharing about you next holiday destination.

  7. Yeah, no crutches and Mum gets to finally relax - it's all done and Sarah is great.
    hugs - Miche'le


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