Thursday, January 05, 2012

I love summer

I am definitely a sun lover. I hate the cold and look forward to the spring blossoms and lambs as I know then it won't be long til summer is here. We have a permanent caravan site at Mount Maunganui and spend a lot of our summers here.  I wondered whether we should come over this summer given that Sarah wasn't that mobile but she insisted on wanting to come over.  So we all came over on Boxing Day for 2 weeks. Tony went back to work on Tuesday and I go back next week which will be a shock to the system after 2 months off work caring for Sarah. I just love being close to the sea and the beach...there's something about walking along the beach with the waves crashing around you and a gentle breeze blowing.

It certainly is a little more challenging but Sarah is pretty mobile on her crutches now over short distances. She was determined to go to the beach and swim today so off Hannah, Sarah and I trotted with the beach towels, sunscreen and a good book for me.  She is such an independent wee girl and so crutches all the way to the water's edge then her big sister helped her into the water.
Nick came down later and just chilled for a while with us.
I haven't done any quilting at all for over 2 weeks. I have joined a couple of quilt bees though...looking forward to getting started on them.  This time at the beach is all about family and relaxing and looking forward tithe year ahead.


  1. Enjoy your time with the family. Oh so excited to see Sarah is recovering nicely - what a scarey nightmare!

  2. Oh, I miss the beach! It's cold and sunny here - but like you, I long for the warm days and the beach! So glad Sarah is recovering well - you both are in my prayers all the time! I don't blame her for wanting to go to the beach- what better place to recuperate? Hugs!

  3. So glad Sarah is healing quickly. Sorry our sun has been hding from you ( and us ) some days.

  4. We are up at Athenree (Waihi) and we are enjoying the time as much as you. It is always what the family needs, time away and lots of sunshine.

  5. There is something indescribable about the ocean, the sounds, the beautiful colors of the water and waves. You are so lucky to enjoy family and ocean all together. =)


  6. I'm jealous ... Sun and sand at the mount. We've hightailed it out of ChCh for a while, enjoying some time in the bush south by 2 hours. Great to hear Sarah is doing well.

  7. Hi Deb and Family,
    So sorry to read about Sarah's accident. Clara and I have been praying for all of you. All is well in California, so glad we had the opportunity to meet in person. Off to the big quilt show here in 11 days and counting, I have a friend from Canada coming for it. Please check out my blog for latest projects.
    Enjoy your summer time holiday!



  8. Thanks for sharing some summer...I needed that!


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