Thursday, December 01, 2011

Christmas is here a little earlier...

With the price of fabric in NZ, I try to take advantage of the US online sales and nearly always buy from Hancocks of Paducah when they have their free shipping sales. The postman dropped off a package today that was postmarked Nov 25, so how is that for fast service!! I only received notifcation from Hancocks on the 27th, so wasn't expecting anything for another few days.

So much loveliness....Terrain by Kate Spain,  some Tula Pink and some Joel Dewberry. And a non-stick ruler.  It was all on sale so with the free shipping it was an absolute bargain.  With fabric here at NZD$28 a metre (USD$22), I paid about a quarter of what I would in New Zealand for the fabric. 

I have been wanting an extension table for my sewing machine, so my wonderful hubby decided to make me one. He is an engineer, so has lots of odd things left over from jobs. He just happened to have some plexiglass and some feet so whipped up this table for me. 

I am about to quilt my Christmas wall hanging I started last year so will give it a test run (once I have cleaned his grubby fingerprints off it!!).  He is one of those guys that if you happen to just mention something, consider it done. I have learnt never to say, "I wonder what it would look like without that fence there" or "I wonder if I should chop out that tree".  It can be handy, but I have lost many a lovely tree as a result!! I turn my back for a minute and it's gone! 

It does have its good points though..."I wonder how difficult it would be to make a light box" and he had it done in a few hours. " I wonder if I should dig over my garden" and its done. "I think I might wash my car" and its done!!!


  1. always like a good site to get cheap fabric from.

  2. Oooh, I want a hubby like him Deb!!!! Lovely parcel, and that will keep you going for a bit. Looking forward to see what is being made...

  3. What a lovely collection of fabrics and the perfect early Christmas present. Your husband sounds very handy. That extension table will make machine quilting a lot easier. I was lucky to get one with my machine that I bought earlier in the year and love using it.

  4. lucky you, but I can see care is needed before opening your mouth!

  5. Gorgeous fabric goodies! I can't believe fabric is so pricey in NZ...I guess I need to stop worrying about $10 a yard. I love everything you got...and yay on your hubs for making you an extension table.

  6. Great parcel! I will have a look at those sales, fabric in Ireland is quite expensive as well.


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