Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas Wallhanging completed

I started this wallhanging last year and ran out of metallic thread, so put it to one side until I could get some more thread.  It was after Christmas when I finally got more thread and I really didn't feel like making Christmas themed  things after Christmas had been and gone, so put it to one side and completely forgot about it.  With the silly season upon us now, I thought it was time to drag it out and complete it.

This was my first attempt at FMQ, so please don't look too hard at the background! I then quilted stars on the gold speckly border. Once I got into the FMQ, I really enjoyed it. Got caught a couple of times losing my train of thought and it got a bit pointy or strange shaped!! I didn't want to quilt over the tree so it probably would be a lot easier if I had picked a quilt to just go wild over without having to worry about avoiding bits of fabric.

I have put little Christmas lights and gold stars over the tree, which don't show up that well in the photo, but actually look really cool on the actual wall hanging.

Christmas Wallhanging


  1. How cute - love the added lights. Good for you in remembering this pretty and finishing for the season.

  2. Beautiful Deb, FMQ looks good from the justice this picture is doing it, well done. Hope all is good in your house and everyone is mending nicely.

  3. That is very cute Deb... and look without much effort you have a new wall hanging for this Christmas.

  4. How wonderful, Deb! And I think it's fun to pick up something that just needs a little work to finish - particularly at holiday time! So rewarding!

  5. What a beautiful Christmas tree and your quilting looks wonderful! Great job!


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