Thursday, June 05, 2014

ALYOF - June Goal

I have joined another swap...this one is the Sew Sew Modern swap on Flickr. You are required to send one large item and one small item to a secret partner.  I was a little stumped at first as I don't know my partner at all and it's always kind of hard making something for someone you don't know.  However, I know she loves colour and her fav designers are my fav designers as well, so that was a start.

I figured a mini quilt would be the way to go, so chose Anna Maria Horner's Patchwork Prism as a start. However, her quilt is a full size quilt so I downsized it to 2.5 inch equilateral triangles and hoped my math was correct!! I wanted to make a rainbow of colour as her flickr and Pinterest photos seemed to indicate she was a rainbow kinda gal! I started off with purples and radiated the colours outward from there.

The start of a mini quilt

and it grew a bit more...

and a bit more....

Patchwork Prism mini quilt

A total of 213 fabrics with no repeats.  Yikes! So my goal for June is to quilt and bind it before the end of the month. It's not due to be sent until the middle of July, but I would love to get this finished this month.

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  1. This is very pretty and nicely done.

  2. Wonderful colours, don't know how you can let it go, it's beautiful.

    Heather :)

  3. Oooooh! That is very pretty. Your swap partner will love it.

  4. Amazing to have no repeats, truly scrappy! I cut all my parts for this quilt back when the QAL was happening and then put them in a project box. The scale of the mini is great.

  5. your quilt is beautiful! the colours look great, your swap partner will love it.

  6. Looks fab! Good luck with your goal.


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